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Three Tips for Senior Wellness

Here at Yuma Senior Living, we are more than just a senior living community. We want all our residents to feel at home here. This means we want the best for our residents in all aspects – from health and safety to socialization and their wellness. We understand that all these things are vital to our seniors, which is why we make sure our community encompasses them all and that our team fosters them. When you stay at Yuma Senior Living, we want you to be at your happiest, healthiest, and safest at all times. To help you with this, here are three tips for senior wellness.

1) Keep Moving

Moving is so important at any age, it becomes even more vital above the age of 65. Continuing to move as well as you can helps you stay healthy. It can also help to prevent arthritis, which affects many adults older than 65. Some great ways to get moving are to go for a walk, take part in low-impact aerobics, stretch, or do strength training. All these things will help to prevent your joints from getting stiff and will also build muscle. Senior balancing exercises are good ways to start moving too.

At Yuma Senior Living, we have may areas that you can use as well as safe walkways to take advantage of.

2) Get Enough Sleep

All adults need seven to nine hours of sleep a night, and this is the same for seniors too. This amount of sleep will allow you to function well the next day. If you don’t get enough sleep, you’re at higher risk for falling, memory problems, and irritability. You can be at a higher risk for depression. We do not want any of that to happen.

It’s also important to make sure you have a regular sleep schedule. This way, your body knows it’s time for rest, and you’ll be better able to relax.

3) Be Social

Being social, especially in later years, is beneficial for so many reasons. Isolation and loneliness are unfortunately quite common for seniors, and by being social, you’re actively combatting this. Some ideas for being social include taking up a new hobby, joining a social club, volunteering, adopting a pet, participating in activities, or eating with others in the dining hall.

At Yuma Senior Living, we offer many different programs and classes to our residents to foster socialization. We encourage our residents to take advantage of them, as there truly is something for everyone, such as arts and crafts, choir, movie nights, book clubs and spacious outdoor courtyards to mingle with fellow residents.

These three tips for senior wellness are a great way to get started on your own journey to wellness. Staying active, sleeping enough, and socializing will put you in a great place, physically, mentally, and emotionally. We make sure we supplement all of this at Yuma Senior Living and encourage you to contact us at (928) 388-6858 to learn more.

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