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Are You Ready to Move into a Senior Living Community?

Are You Ready to Move into a Senior Living Community?

This should not be a hard question to answer when considering Yuma Senior Living. Some seniors value their independence while others would prefer some standby assistance. At Yuma Senior Living we offer both. Many residents at our community find and pursue their passions, have active social lives, and keep a full schedule while living here. Read on to determine if Yuma Senior Living is the right community for you.

You Would Like Around-the-Clock Care

As we get older, we’re likely to have more issues with our health. Our mobility may begin to decline. It’s simply a fact of life.

If you are finding that you’re having medical emergencies more often and need to call paramedics to your home, or if you simple wake up in the middle of the night and could use some assistance getting to the bathroom, then you likely would benefit from our care.

Have your healthcare needs been making you feel anxious? Do you worry when there’s no one close by to help? If so, having a 24-hour care team onsite could provide you with peace of mind. From basic needs to more complex medical issues, our certified caregiving team is always available to help.

You Appreciate a Little Extra Time with People

At Yuma Senior Living, you can enjoy your privacy and independence while still having the opportunity to meet new people. You have the option of having you own private room while still being surrounded by a community of like-minded individuals. All our apartments come with kitchenettes so you can prepare your own snacks. You will also enjoy our nutritious, chef-prepared meals in the HaVana Club, our community dining room. The choice is entirely yours. At Yuma Senior Living, you’re able to maintain your independence while also being as social as you want.

You’re Ready to Broaden Your Horizons

We don’t believe life ends once you enter your senior years. In fact, we believe that’s when you’re able to really start living. At Yuma Senior Living, you’ll be able to enjoy enrichment activities that will allow you to pursue your passions or discover new ones. We also have an onsite movie theater, game room, beauty shop and health clinic.

You Want to Explore Yuma

Speaking of exploring – while we offer several onsite features and amenities for your convenience, we also understand the importance of getting out and about. That’s why we provide scheduled transportation to local services. We’re also located a short distance to the regional hospital, doctors’ offices, shopping and other attractions.

In a nutshell, our community is about simplifying and enriching your daily life. You won’t have to worry about things like paying the cable and electric bills or going grocery shopping anymore. Instead you can focus your time and energy on meeting new people, pursuing your passions, and truly living. If that sounds like something you’re ready for, give us a call at (928) 388-6858. We’re ready to help you start living life to its fullest.

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