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Time for Seniors to Take a Hike

With more and more research and studies uncovering the meaningful benefits of the great outdoors to one’s wellbeing, Yuma Senior Living encourages our residents to be as active as possible, and with fall weather right around the corner it’s time for seniors to “take a hike!” Seniors already know that interacting with nature, moving their bodies, and breathing in fresh air is beneficial for both their health and happiness.

There are tremendous benefits of hiking for seniors: exercise, fresh air, and mental stimulation are just a few. You can always learn more about these benefits, some safety tips, and essential gear needed for hiking from our community’s activity director. But most importantly, always check with you doctor and follow these Safety Hiking Tips for Seniors:

- Hike with friends, professional care worker or a dog.

- Take it slow for a low impact way to connect with nature.

- Always check the weather. If it’s warmer than 85 degrees, it’s usually not a good idea to go for extended hikes or walks.

- Tell someone of where you are going for the hike.

- Have a map of the trail.

- Avoid aches and pains by stretching on your hike.

- Stay HYDRATED - Brings lots of water.

- Have the right gear for your hike.

In addition, hiking essentials include hiking shoes and socks, a trail ready outfit, water bottle, small first aid kit, a hiking stick, and your smartphone.

At Yuma Senior Living, we support our residents with all their activities of daily living. We also offer 24-hour on-site care staff and weekly housekeeping in a tranquil and safe environment. Simply give us a call at (928) 388-6858, and our Community Ambassador will schedule an onsite tour at your convenience.


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