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Three Tips To Help Seniors Stay Energized

The golden years sound like a wonderful part of our lives to look forward to. We work hard our whole lives to finally reach that golden age of retirement, when we can relax and enjoy life without the burden of an alarm clock and daily work goals bogging us down each day. So how do we maintain enough energy to enjoy those years we work so hard to achieve?

As we age, our energy levels naturally deplete, leaving our aging senior loved ones wanting more out of life than they feel capable of doing. Here at Yuma Senior Living, we have some great tips for maintaining a healthy lifestyle that will help boost energy and get our seniors energized for their day.

1) Maintain a Daily Routine

Knowing what your day is going to be like can be helpful in feeling secure and well-adjusted to your living environment. Having something to look forward to can be a great motivator to get going in the morning. Maybe you enjoy arts and crafts, or perhaps you’re looking forward to meeting up with friends and viewing a movie together. Whatever adds meaning and purpose to your life, make sure to make time for it and add it to your daily schedule.

2) Take a Morning Stroll in the Sunshine

Exercise is a great way to get energized for the day. Senior living in Yuma, Arizona, has an added bonus of lots of sunshine, which promotes the production of vitamin D, which elevates both mood and energy levels. Sunshine and movement help get the body feeling invigorated and ready for the day.

If your senior loved one finds walking difficult or prefers a different activity to start the day, perhaps some gentle stretching by a window or outdoors or some gardening time or some morning yoga. Even a small activity can get the blood pumping and get the day started off on a positive note.

3) Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you don’t start the day off with a good night’s rest, you may end up battling fatigue throughout the day, and it will definitely be hard to feel energized. Having good habits at night can make all the difference in starting the morning off with positivity and good health. Limiting screen time before bed can help the brain shut down more effectively when it’s time to go to sleep. Reading a book before bed can be great way to wind down without having the television on, which could inhibit healthy sleep. Also, make sure the room is nice and dark and cool, as the body tends to sleep better with a cool and darkened room to rest in.

For more information about Yuma Senior Living call (928) 388-6858 and ask to speak with our Community Ambassador and how we can care for your senior loved ones.


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