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Seniors Beware:

Watching Too Much News on Television Can Be Detrimental to Your Health

While staying informed about current events is important, watching too much news on television, particularly for seniors, can have some negative aspects. Here are a few potential drawbacks:

Increased Stress and Anxiety: Constant exposure to news, particularly if it focuses on negative or distressing events, can lead to increased stress and anxiety. Seniors may become more fearful about the state of the world, which can negatively affect their mental and emotional well-being.

Sleep Disruption: Watching news late at night or close to bedtime can disrupt sleep patterns, leading to insomnia or poor sleep quality. Seniors often require more consistent and restful sleep, and excessive news consumption can interfere with this.

Information Overload: Seniors may find it challenging to process the vast amount of information presented in the news. This can lead to cognitive overload and difficulty in discerning important information from less significant details.

Social Isolation: An overemphasis on news consumption can lead to social isolation as seniors spend more time alone watching television, instead of engaging in social activities with family and friends. This isolation can have adverse effects on mental health.

Reduced Physical Activity: Excessive TV watching, including news programs, can lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which is detrimental to physical health. Seniors need regular physical activity to maintain their mobility and overall well-being.

Confirmation Bias: Seniors may become exposed to news that aligns with their existing beliefs and opinions, reinforcing confirmation bias and limiting their ability to consider different perspectives and make informed decisions.

Neglect of Personal Interests: Focusing too much on the news can lead to a neglect of personal hobbies and interests. Seniors might miss out on fulfilling activities that can contribute to their sense of purpose and happiness.

Physical Health Risks: Long periods of sitting and inactivity while watching news can contribute to health problems, including obesity, cardiovascular issues, and musculoskeletal problems, which are more common in seniors.

Sensationalism and Fear-Mongering: Some news outlets prioritize sensationalism and fear-mongering to boost ratings. This can create unnecessary fear and distress among seniors, particularly when it comes to issues that do not directly impact them.

To mitigate these negative aspects, seniors should aim for a balanced approach to news consumption. They can limit the amount of time spent watching news, choose reliable and balanced news sources, and make an effort to engage in social, physical, and recreational activities to maintain a healthy and well-rounded lifestyle.

Yuma Senior Living’s activity department provides many activity opportunities for its residents so that they aren’t stuck watching excessive amounts of television news. Simply give them a call at (928) 388-6858, and their team will schedule an onsite tour at your convenience.


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