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How Does Creativity Benefit Older Adults?

As we get older, we have to stimulate our minds to stay sharp. We have to exercise our bodies to remain in good health. And we have to feed our souls with creative passions that we love in order for our spirits to be enriched.

Yuma Senior Living understands this. It’s why we offer a wide variety of enriching arts and craft programs at our senior living community. Here are just a few of the ways creativity can benefit older adults.

Provides Newfound Purpose

We adjust to many things as we get older. Not simply physical changes, but also the emotional loss that comes with the death of a spouse, friends, or others we love. We also must adjust to leaving behind full-time careers or caring for our children who now have families of their own. Al these things can lead to feelings of loneliness and perhaps even depression.

But pursuing our creative passions or trying new ones helps us discover newfound purpose. Our senior years are the perfect time to become reacquainted with the creative hobby we may have neglected over the years or to tap into hidden talents we never had the time to explore.

Discovering or revisiting our creative passions, whether that’s singing, painting, drawing, or something else entirely, can help lift our spirits ad make us feel renewed.

Stimulates the Mind

Lifting the spirits can also stimulate the mind. Prolonged participation in creative activities among older adults can enhance cognitive function. This can lead to better health outcomes for those with Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In fact, many people liken the effects of creativity on the mind to how we feel after performing meditation exercises. Creativity can center us and make us feel calmer and more relaxed, reducing feelings of stress and anxiety. Not only can creativity keep our minds sharp, but it also improves our overall mental health.

Improves Physical Health

Just as creativity can lift our spirits and stimulate our minds, it can also improve our physical well-being. Studies have shown that certain creative activities can give our immune systems a boost.

For instance, one study at the University of Tennessee examined the benefits of art therapy in older adults and found that one year after the study commenced, the group that consistently engaged in art therapy sessions reported fewer doctor visits, falls, vision problems, and medication use than the group of older adults not consistently engaged in art therapy sessions.

As you can see, whatever senior living option you explore, creativity for older adults should be an integral part. Yuma Senior Living understands this and offers a wide range of enrichment programs to our residents.

In fact, we have dedicated activity spaces for this very purpose. And since reading can improve memory, sharpen decision-making skills, and reduce stress, we also have plans to showcase our new private community library for residents to explore slated to open April 2022.

When you step into Yuma Senior Living, we want you to feel like you’re stepping into a new world. Allow us to help you tap into your creative side and unlock the limitless possibilities that await you once you do.

Simply give us a call at (928) 388-6858, and our Community Ambassador will schedule an onsite tour at your convenience.


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