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Achieving Optimal Wellness in Your 90’s

More and more people today are fortunate enough to live well into their 90’s. Active seniors tend be healthier and happier than sedentary seniors. This fact, combined with the advancement of geriatric medicine has resulted in seniors living longer while they look for ways to achieve optimal health and a comfortable life at age 90 and beyond. When we meet seniors who are 90 years old or older and who want to learn about our community, we always make several recommendations.

Keep Mentally Engaged & Stay Active

It’s no secret that staying engaged with positive mental activities and keeping your body moving is good for your general health and well-being. Just moving a little bit everyday might help you avoid developing numerous diseases and dementia. Your body might not be able to tolerate long walks or vigorous exercising, however if you can participate in one mindful movement exercise a day, like chair yoga – this sort of activity goes a long way. Solving puzzles, reading books, or taking up a hobby, even later in life often results in positive mental cognition and makes you happier.

Focus on Achieving Daily Activity Goals

Everyday is a new day, and it’s important to achieve at least one activity goal each day. An example would be calling a friend or family member to invite over for a meal, or organizing a kitchen cupboard or drawer of clothing that you might have. These daily tasks, although sounding mundane, assist in keeping you alert and engaged. We wouldn’t recommend watching a lot of television or spending too much time on Facebook or other social media platforms. Committing to and accomplishing daily tasks that require some physical movement or personal engagement with other people has shown positive health benefits.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help

Many times, seniors’ internal self-perception of what they can handle from day to day, does not take into account that they aren’t as spry or resilient as they used to be when they were younger. Seniors should never be shy about asking for help from resources that are only a phone call away. At Yuma Senior Living, we can provide guidance and lists of resources that seniors can utilize to make their older years, 90 and beyond as fulfilling as possible.

We also offer private apartments, 24-hour on-site care staff, housekeeping, and dining services in a tranquil and safe environment. Simply give us a call at (928) 388-6858, and our Community Ambassador will schedule an onsite tour at your convenience.

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