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Who Is the Greatest Senior Athlete of All Time?

It's difficult to determine the "greatest" senior athlete of all time, as there have been many accomplished athletes across different sports and time periods. However, some notable senior athletes who have achieved remarkable accomplishments in their later years include:

1. Ed Whitlock: Canadian long-distance runner who set numerous age-group records, including becoming the oldest person to run a marathon under 3 hours at the age of 70.

2. Jack LaLanne: American fitness expert and bodybuilder who continued to work out and promote healthy living well into his 90s.

3. Sister Madonna Buder: Pictured above, she is also known as the "Iron Nun," and became the oldest person to ever finish an Ironman triathlon at the age of 82.

4. Fauja Singh: British marathon runner who started running at the age of 89 and went on to complete several marathons, including the London Marathon at the age of 101.

5. Dara Torres: American swimmer who won 12 Olympic medals, including 5 gold medals, and competed in the Olympics at the age of 41.

These senior athletes serve as inspiring examples of what can be achieved with dedication, perseverance, and a commitment to staying active and healthy throughout life.

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