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Seniors Benefit from On-Site Health Clinics

As a growing number of seniors require on-site health related amenities at their senior living communities, Yuma Senior Living has partnered with Yuma’s highly regarded Amistad Clinic and provided them with clinic space inside their community. There are many benefits our residents will receive from having this clinic located on our campus. Below are just a few of many.

#1 Enhanced Personalized Care

Yuma Senior Living provides compassionate care in a comfortable and respectful manner. Having a dedicated on-site health clinic is an extension of our enhanced personalized care approach. Combining our clinic, you, your family and other health advocates a personalized care plan will allow you to be as active, engaged, and independent as you want to be.

#2 Convenience and Safety

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed everyone’s lives. The less trips that our residents need to make to outside health providers provides a heightened level of safety not always found at other senior living communities. Safety from possibly catching Covid-19, as well as the convenience of having a clinic on-site provides additional piece of mind for our residents.

#3 Charting Scheduled Health Progress

Yuma Senior Living’s main purpose is providing a socially active, nutritionally fulfilling, health supportive environment for our residents. With the addition of the on-site Amistad Clinic, our community will benefit from a more robust approach to obtaining positive resident health outcomes. While our residents are ultimately in charge of their health, Yuma Senior Living has another amenity for residents to deploy to ensure we, together as a community, are achieving our health goals.


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